What every business owner needs to know about people: and how to float your boat!

life7 mini 3b Workshop One: Step 1life7 mini 2b Workshop One: Step 1life7 mini 1 Workshop One: Step 1The first in a series of three workshops.

This workshop is all about people, because without great people, your business will sink. Your people are your greatest asset, and no one is more important to the success of your business than you are. (And floating your boat is really important too!)

We call this workshop ‘Step One’, because this workshop covers some of the key things that we work through when we begin coaching a new client. (In fact, you could start with ‘Step Two’ or ‘Step Three’ because each of these workshops links to each other in a cycle.)

Who is it for?

Step one, is a great starting point for any new business owner or a business owner wanting to make some business improvements.
In this workshop we want you to think about what makes you tick? What excites you? Where your strengths and limitations lie? What are your values, your mission and what are your goals?

Of course there is no way we can cover all of the options in a single workshop, but we hope to give you some great food for thought and in the process start you thinking more about yourself and how you can better utilise the people around you to improve your business performance.

And don’t miss this bit:

We’ll also give you some tips on how to reliably identify who else to invest in? Wouldn’t you like to know who is more likely to stay with you and who will happily take what they’ve learnt from you, and move on?

We’ll discuss how two people with exactly the same ‘personality type indicator’ can behave completely differently. We’ll consider the impact of different behaviour patterns and discuss ways to empower individuals and teams.

We only have two and a half hours but it you are interested in improving yourself, this session is not to be missed. If you are only interested in breathing life into your business by empowering your team; again, it’s not to be missed!


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