A lifestyle driven business coaching program.

There is a point at which any successful enterprise will reach its sweet-spot. In a small business; this is the juncture at which the business reaches critical mass, maintains its flexibility and has the cash flow to support its continued development whilst giving the owner the lifestyle they dream of.

Many of my clients started a business because they had a dream of owning and running a small business, not a corporation. I don’t start with the premise that every business owner wants growth, because I know that some people would rather work three days a week and have more time for their family or other activities.

palm tree Sweetspot for Small BusinessAsk yourself these questions:

  • Have you got a small business that you would like to be more profitable?
  • Do you work far too many hours for the amount you take home?
  • Have you spent money on advertising and wonder if it is worth it?
  • Do you have problems attracting good staff or motivating or keeping them?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, you should give my unique coaching, mentoring and performance management service a closer look.

I developed this unique one-on-one coaching service specifically to help small business owners to finally enjoy the business lifestyle they set out to achieve.

You Will:

1. Clearly define your work/life goals and do the work to make it happen.
2. Discover what drives you and understand your own limitations.
3. Set up a growth proof business structure and learn how to ‘get things done.’
4. Develop a ‘Business Bible’ guaranteed to increase the value of your business:

  • Life7 pie small white Sweetspot for Small BusinessDefine your business vision, values & mission
  • Understand your market
  • Do a target audience analysis
  • Learn from your competition
  • Test your offerings
  • Identifying your messages
  • Fine-tune your sales and buying process
  • Reevaluate your pricing

5. Discover how to invest in the right staff and create effective teams.
6. Develop advertising, sales & promotional strategies that actually work.
7. Implementation

  • Personal communication
  • Internal communication
  • External communication

Find out how this can benefit your business

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Chris Edwards