When you start to think of leadership as being about making change, and management as a process, you’ll have taken your first step toward leadership.

Leadership coaching involves inspiring people to make behavioral changes that will transform them and the people around them, thereby increasing productivity and performance.

leader1 Leadership DevelopmentOne of the problems with leadership training courses is that as soon as the attendees get back to the office, it is often difficult (despite everyone’s best intentions), to put new found learning into practice.

Our objective is to help our clients set achievable targets and then we relentlessly ‘hold their feet to the fire’ to ensure they have the best chance of achieving their goals.

A Life7 leadership coach is effectively mentoring your managers in on the job leadership, one step at a time, so that change can be implemented, as and when it is needed.

Overcoming the biggest problem in leadership and management

chess Leadership DevelopmentMany managers are managers by title only. Most have achieved their positions based on their technical skills, not their leadership and performance management expertise. We coach managers to be leaders, one step at a time. And we empower them to get the results they want.

I am NOT a ‘yes man’

My role is to help you achieve your goals, and to do that effectively, I must remain objective. This means there will be times when you may not like what I have to say. But, it is for your own good.

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