Six Months That Will Re-Launch Your Career.

This is a dynamic coaching and mentoring program specifically developed to help employees become far more effective and valuable in the workplace.

sling Step Up to The Career CatapultThe program has been developed in conjunction with a number of ex-public servants to merge the best of Life7‘s private sector leadership coaching with the needs and practices of the Australian Public Service.

The Career Catapult is suitable for anyone working in either the public service or medium to large enterprises that interact with the public sector.

This is not a ‘love in’ where everyone gets a certificate. In fact, there will be no certificates (who looks at them anyway!). This is a six month program that is firmly focused on results. As with all of our private sector clients, the only thing that counts is seeing each participant succeed in their chosen arena.

We expect to see each participant achieve a pay rise or promotion during or soon after completion of this program. Ultimately, we are striving for genuine success, and that is not simply limited to career success but also a demonstrated integration of career success with successful personal and family relationships and community involvement.

A Unique Professional Development Program

big step Step Up to The Career CatapultThis is a six month coaching and mentoring program that is tailored to the needs of each participant. You will have both a trainer and a personal coach throughout the six month period.

The program combines confidential personal coaching sessions with fortnightly small group training sessions that will include talks by experienced guest speakers.

There is homework, so you must be prepared to put the effort in if you want to get the results. Unlike many other courses, homework will often be different for each individual as a lot of it will be tailored to each participant’s needs.

There is no marking process. If you are successful you will attain recognition at work, through praise, promotion or  financial reward – and that is your ‘mark’, that is the ‘qualification’ that will continue to pay you for your effort every remaining day of your working life.

This is a genuine investment in your future.

The Process

step2s Step Up to The Career Catapult

We are here to guide you

The first step is to complete the application form. Candidates will be selected and grouped based on their experience and their career objectives. Ideally we would like to put small teams together that can collaborate well and develop as one. Success will rely on team cohesion as well as individual performance.

Selected applicants will be invited to attend an introductory question and answer session. If you are keen to proceed, final paperwork will be completed and your performance coaching will commence immediately.

You will complete a detailed evaluation to determine your strengths and weaknesses and undergo a two hour personal coaching session so we can clearly determine and agree on the personal development areas that will benefit you most.

Fortnightly small group training sessions will be held from 6pm to 8pm. These sessions will cover many subjects, such as:

  • strictly limited Step Up to The Career Catapult

    These are small group sessions, so numbers really are limited

    How to map out your career plan

  • Identifying appropriate opportunities
  • How to position yourself for suitable job progression
  • How to conduct yourself in various situations
  • Peer support groups
  • Public speaking
  • How to perform in public forums
  • Selecting and applying for suitable jobs
  • Researching the position and writing a winning application
  • Interview preparation and mastering the interview process
  • Selecting senior mentors and actively involving them in your career development.
    and much more…

In addition to the fortnightly group sessions with your group trainer (an ex senior public servant) you will have two confidential personal coaching sessions with Chris Edwards, to help you develop a leadership/success mindset and overcome or address your individual situation, any shortfalls, requirements etc.

The Cost

The full six month training program with one-on-one personal coaching is $3,977 which can be paid in 13 fortnightly installments of $264 after an initial payment of $550. (A discount of $362 will apply if paid in full prior to commencement.)

Further coaching and support services may be added by participants at additional cost if required.

7 Year Satisfaction Guarantee Bonus

At life7, we like the number seven, so we are also offering a Seven Year Satisfaction Guarantee Bonus.

7 year Step Up to The Career Catapult

We really wanted to give you a guarantee because we know that this program will work. It can literally re-launch careers. The bit we have no control over is how dedicated you are; because at the end of the day it is all up to you.

So, we came up with a 7 Year Satisfaction Guarantee Bonus*.

The way it works is that after completing this unique six month Career Catapult program, we think that many people may want another boost in years to come. Well, we’ll give it to you for FREE.

That’s right, if you are approved for this first Catapult program, you will be eligible to attend any training session of this program as many times as you like over the next seven years.

This is the best way we could think of to guarantee that you get the very best opportunity possible, so to ensure you don’t miss out, please complete the application form today.

This bonus applies for any session in this program provided the program is still running.


Currently the Career Catapult is held in Canberra, however, if there is enough interest, we will introduce this program in other Australia capital cities in due course; so please feel free to send in an application to indicate your interest.

Group training sessions are held fortnightly for six months on either a Monday or Thursday evening from 6pm to 8pm, (subject to group preference) and individual personal coaching sessions will be scheduled separately with each participant.

clickheretoapply Step Up to The Career CatapultThe Application Process

No matter where you are in Australia, if you are interested in participating in the Career Catapult Professional Development Program, please complete the short application form. Should you be accepted we suggest you then consider the financial requirements before accepting your position.

There is no fee for application and all applications will be considered equally.

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