Leadership Development

When you start to think of leadership as being about making change, and management as a process, you’ll have taken your first step toward leadership.

Leadership coaching involves inspiring people to make behavioral changes that will transform them and the people around them, thereby increasing productivity and performance.

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Life Coaching

Imagine having your own life coach who is there solely to support and encourage you, to offer constructive criticism and valuable insights into your behaviour and to help you perform at your peak.

Where would athletes be without their coaches to train, support and cheer them on to achieving their goals?

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Coaching Mentoring

Life7 specialise in empowering people through a process of mentoring and coaching clients toward a greater understanding and clarity of their roles and purpose, and then training them with the skills needed to inspire others into action.

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Sweetspot for Small Business

A lifestyle driven business coaching program.

There is a point at which any successful enterprise will reach its sweet-spot. In a small business; this is the juncture at which the business reaches critical mass, maintains its flexibility and has the cash flow to support its continued development whilst giving the owner the lifestyle they dream of.

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